Center for Open Science

Center for Open Science logoThe Center for Open Science (COS), a Charlottesville, Virginia–based nonprofit technology start-up, is SHARE’s principal technology partner and is building SHARE’s first product, SHARE Notify. SHARE Notify will make use of the Open Science Framework (OSF), COS’s existing, free, open-source platform designed to connect the scholarly workflow.

The mission of COS is to increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research. COS believes that openness and reproducibility are core scientific values because science is a distributed, non-hierarchical culture for accumulating knowledge. No individual is the arbiter of truth. Knowledge accumulates by sharing information and independently reproducing results. Ironically, the reward structure for scientists does not provide incentives for individuals to pursue openness and reproducibility. As a consequence, they are not common practices. COS aims to nudge incentives to align scientific practices with scientific values.