SHARE does not collect personally identifying information about individuals who visit this website, unless it is voluntarily and explicitly submitted (for example, when registering for a conference or workshop, or sending e-mail to SHARE staff through the facilities of the website). We do not collect credit card information via our website.

To gather web traffic information SHARE uses Google Analytics, which places a cookie on each visitor’s machine for each session. For privacy reasons the statistics gathered by Google Analytics do not include individual IP addresses or other individually identifiable information. Individual visitor access is represented by the name of the individual’s Internet service provider (ISP). Statistical information is stored on Google servers for two years and SHARE uses this information for comparative purposes.

SHARE does not control the privacy policies of any other sites to which we provide hyperlinks. Voluntarily disclosing personal information on sites that are linked to our website is done at your own risk. Inclusion of links to another website is not an endorsement of the website or a guarantee that the information it contains is accurate.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please send e-mail to

Last modified: March 27, 2015