Projects built with SHARE

Projects and Partners

SHARE’s open data about research releases and its open API are meant to encourage innovation in the scholarly and research communities.

SHARE 2.0 launched in September 2016 with enhanced metadata and search capabilities, including filtering by preprint or publication, by subject, by funder, and by institution. SHARE 2.0 gives you the information you need to find new, relevant research and to find potential collaborators.

SHARE Notify

You can also set up feeds to receive notifications when research matching specified criteria is released. To create a feed, search the data set with your search terms and, on the results page, click the Atom feed symbol (amplification logo) to the right of the search box.

We hope many people will build projects using SHARE. Below are examples of such projects.

OSF Preprints

The Center for Open Science (COS) launched OSF Preprints: The Open Preprint Repository Network in September 2016. OSF Preprints is powered by the SHARE database and API, including search results from arXiv, PeerJ, Research Papers in Economics, and others, in addition to the branded preprint services hosted by COS (PsyArXiv, SocArXiv, and engrXiv).