SHARE Notify

SHARE Notify

SHARE’s first project, SHARE Notify, generates a feed of research release events—such as posting a preprint to a subject repository, depositing a data set into a data repository, publishing a peer-reviewed article—from diverse sources. SHARE Notify distributes these notifications—in the form of a concise set of metadata about the research output—to subscribers such as individual researchers, funding agencies, sponsored research offices, institutional repositories, and disciplinary repositories. This service gives subscribers the information they need to find new research and new collaborators and to track the outcomes, outputs, and impact of specific research projects.

SHARE Notify launched a public beta in April 2015 and, as of March 2016, includes metadata from more than 100 providers, such as arXiv, CrossRef, PubMed Central, and other subject and institutional repositories around the world. A full list of SHARE’s providers can be found on the SHARE search page.

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Researchers, institutions, and the public can use and contribute to SHARE Notify in several ways:

Technical documentation of the evolving SHARE Notify—including an FAQ—can be found on our SHARE project on the OSF.


SHARE Notify is supported in part by generous funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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