Scholarly Kitchen Blog Features SHARE

Today Alice Meadows, director of communications for ORCID, writes about “Reasons to Be Cheerful: Some Thoughts on the SHARE Summer 2015 Meeting,” on the Scholarly Kitchen blog. In her blog post, Meadows provides her perspective on the meeting and why it inspired her to be optimistic about SHARE. Much of SHARE’s strength lies in its community participation and collaborative approach. As Meadows notes:

SHARE is a (surprisingly) broad church—at least in terms of the organizations represented at their Summer Meeting. Although the majority were from universities and other research institutes, invited guests also included representatives from funders (federal and private), commercial entities such as Thomson Reuters and Microsoft, other nonprofits including CASRAI, CHORUS, DuraSpace, NISO, ORCID, and Portico. And there was a lot of emphasis on the need for SHARE to collaborate—and integrate—with these groups, for example, in order to share metadata.

Meadows concludes, “It’s not all sunshine and flowers, of course—there’s still much work to be done…But developing a strong and open infrastructure that will help maximize research impact—and doing so in collaboration with partners both nonprofit and commercial—is certainly a great start!”