Gary Price Interviews Judy Ruttenberg about SHARE for Open Access in Action Series

Library Journal‘s Open Access in Action series released on June 30, 2016, a video interview of Judy Ruttenberg, Association of Research Libraries program director for SHARE, talking with Gary Price, editor of infoDOCKET. The interview covers the evolution of SHARE, including its origins and developmental successes and challenges; how SHARE fits into the global open access movement; and how SHARE is tackling its work of building a free, open, data set about research and scholarly activities.

Interview highlights include:

What was the impetus for SHARE? (2:58–3:44 in the full video)


What distinguishes SHARE from related initiatives? (8:59–9:39 in the full video)


Do we all need to be using the same metadata standards and schema? (17:36–18:43 in the full video)


How is SHARE approaching the cleaning, linking, and enhancing of metadata? (19:47–20:29 in the full video)


What are some major challenges SHARE is encountering? (22:53–23:42 in the full video)


What do we need to do to address those challenges? (23:47–24:29 in the full video)


Looking to the future, we need to build for where scholarship is going. (25:32–26:11 in the full video)


Watch the full 28-minute video interview: