OSF Preprints: Powered by SHARE

In September the Center for Open Science (COS) launched OSF Preprints—a free, open source, preprints repository and aggregator—to support open access to pre-publication papers across disciplines. The preprints aggregator is powered entirely by SHARE’s open data about research releases and by SHARE’s open application programming interface (API), which are meant to encourage precisely this kind of innovation in the scholarly community. OSF Preprints currently includes more than 350,000 searchable preprints from arXiv, bioRxiv, Cogprints, PeerJ, and Research Papers in Economics, in addition to the preprint services hosted by COS—engrXiv, PsyArXiv, and SocArXiv. In the near future, these services will move from their temporary homes (currently powered by OSF Meetings) to branded versions of OSF Preprints.

screen shot of OSF Preprints search results