SHARE Update, October 2016

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OSF Preprints: Powered by SHARE

In September the Center for Open Science (COS) launched OSF Preprints—a free, open source, preprints repository and aggregator—to support open access to pre-publication papers across disciplines. The preprints aggregator is powered entirely by SHARE’s open data about research releases and by SHARE’s open application programming interface (API), which are meant to encourage precisely this kind of innovation in the scholarly community. OSF Preprints currently includes 350,000 searchable preprints from arXiv, bioRxiv, Cogprints, PeerJ, and Research Papers in Economics, as well as the preprint services hosted by COS—engrXiv, PsyArXiv, and SocArXiv. In the near future, these services will move from their temporary homes (currently powered by OSF Meetings) to branded versions of OSF Preprints.

Curation Associates Kickoff

While this summer’s SHARE Community Meeting was filled with project reports and workshops about the SHARE data set, the days that followed were literally buzzing. On July 14–15, 2016, 35 librarians representing a variety of libraries across the US helped launch the SHARE Curation Associates pilot program. The two half-days were packed with learning sessions focused on technical curation skills, including introductions to the Python programming language, advanced Git/GitHub, and much more. Since the July meeting, the associates have split into two tracks—a curation track and a project track.

Read more about the fantastic work the curation associates are doing in the curation and project tracks.

SHARE on the Road

Since the SHARE Community Meeting wrapped up in mid-July, SHARE representatives continue to spread the word about the data set, uses, and integrations. If you didn’t/don’t get the chance to chat with a SHARE rep at one of these conferences, check out the presentations or posters below. Feel free to reach out to any of the presenters if you have questions or want more information.

VIVO 2016
August 17–19, 2016
Denver, Colorado
Presenter: Rick Johnson
Event website:

International Data Week 2016
September 11–17, 2016
Denver, Colorado
Presenters: Judy Ruttenberg; Cynthia Hudson-Vitale
Event website:

National Data Service Consortium Workshop
October 19–21, 2016
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Presenter: Rick Johnson
Event website:

Library Assessment Conference 2016
October 31–November 2, 2016
Arlington, Virginia
Presenters: Linda Plunket; Judy Ruttenberg
Event website:

Learn More about SHARE

There is a wealth of resources to help you better comprehend and communicate the ins and outs of SHARE as we build a free, open, data set about research and scholarly activities across their life cycle:

  • Flyer about SHARE—to help you spread the word about the SHARE 2.0 discovery interface, the growing SHARE data set, and the opportunity to register as a metadata provider. Please reproduce and distribute this flyer on your campus or at meetings you attend.
  • Video interview about SHARELibrary Journal‘s Open Access in Action series interviewed Judy Ruttenberg in spring 2016 about the evolution of SHARE, including the initiative’s origins, developmental successes and challenges, and how SHARE fits into the global open access movement.
  • EDUCAUSE Review article on SHARE—Tyler Walters and Judy Ruttenberg describe SHARE’s first project, SHARE Notify, as well as the other three layers of SHARE that are being developed in tandem with the notification service: a distributed content and registry layer, a discovery layer, and a content-aggregation layer that moves beyond curation and discovery to facilitate data and text mining.
  • SHARE on the Open Science Framework—Technical developments pertaining to SHARE are discussed and tracked in real time on the Open Science Framework. The SHARE Open Science Framework site includes a list of active notification sources and consumers, as well as information regarding prototypes, APIs, and other key issues. The site is open and welcomes public input.


SHARE is supported in part by generous funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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