Recalibrating Priorities in the SHARE Road Map

As we transition to Phase III of SHARE—integration with other systems—the Operations Team and the SHARE development team at the Center for Open Science (COS) are devoting more resources to supporting products that solve urgent needs for organizations within the community. Major objectives of the past year have been growing the number and type of metadata providers, improving the SHARE data model, and working with the curation associates to improve the process and quality of data feeds to SHARE. Increasing the quality and breadth of SHARE’s data set remains a vital activity. However, in order to grow, scale, sustain, and increase the impact of SHARE, products built with partners and for partners  are now driving SHARE’s development.

Presently SHARE’s developers are focused on the product needs of two new services:

  • Institutional Research Activity Dashboard—an open source tool for institutional analytics under development at UC San Diego (UCSD) and the Center for Open Science
  • OSF Preprints—a service built using SHARE and the Open Science Framework (OSF) for any organization to create their own preprint server

In the coming year, SHARE is looking for two or three partners within the community who are ready to collaborate on strategic projects that address similarly urgent needs at their institutions. These strategic projects will focus on developing tools, services, and workflows on top of the SHARE platform and data set (or index) of research activity.

As a practical matter, this means focusing the majority of SHARE development resources to:

  • Prioritize enhancements of SHARE’s core data and services that directly meet strategic project requirements in order to ensure the success of those projects*
  • Update and shape our road map according to priorities surfaced within these community projects

* For example, UCSD’s needs for the institutional dashboard are driving the priority and features of tools to edit SHARE records directly (a.k.a. the curation interface), and enhancements to the process for harvesting metadata from existing sources.

In parallel, in order to continue meeting wider community requirements, we will also give priority to smaller incremental solutions addressing clear community needs.

Benefits of this approach include:

  • If you put forward resources and commit to developing a service with SHARE, you will receive the focused technical support you need from COS and others for the service to succeed.
  • We will focus our resources on services that will have immediate impact on your institutions.
  • We will quickly produce solutions that can be reused by and benefit other institutions.
  • We will build a community of collaborators and partners at a sustainable rate.

The SHARE team is energized by the progress and positive feedback to date on the Institutional Research Activity Dashboard at UCSD, and the enthusiasm across a range of disciplines and major funders for preprint services. In the coming years, as we continue to build upon success, we will grow the number of technical collaborators and community developing services around SHARE.

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