SHARE Update, February 2017

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Recalibrating Priorities in the SHARE Road Map

As we transition to Phase III of SHARE—integration with other systems—the Operations Team and the SHARE development team at the Center for Open Science (COS) are devoting more resources to supporting products that solve urgent needs for organizations within the community.

Major objectives of the past year have been growing the number and type of metadata providers, improving the SHARE data model, and working with the curation associates to improve the process and quality of data feeds to SHARE. Increasing the quality and breadth of SHARE’s data set remains a vital activity. However, in order to grow, scale, sustain, and increase the impact of SHARE, products built with partners and for partners are now driving SHARE’s development.

Read more about where SHARE is heading in 2017.

SHARE Curation Associates Convene in Atlanta

Seventeen of the 2016–2017 SHARE curation associates—library professionals interested in digital curation and institutional repositories—gathered on January 24–25 in Atlanta, Georgia, to develop their skills and enhance and build local projects related to SHARE. The SHARE Operations Team and three developers from the Center for Open Science also participated in the meeting.

The associates sought to address institutional needs and challenges related to the discovery, preservation, and curation of scholarship. They also participated in a training lab in data curation skills conducted by Lisa Johnston, research data management/curation lead and co-director of the University Digital Conservancy at the University of Minnesota Libraries.

All of the curation associates’ projects in progress are open for additional community contribution. Read more about the meeting and provide feedback on the outputs.

SHARE on the Road

SHARE representatives and enthusiasts continue to spread the word about uses for SHARE’s free, open, data set that describes and links to research and scholarly activities of all kinds. Check out the SHARE presentations below. Members of the SHARE team would love to talk with you at future events. Please reach out to any of the presenters if you have questions or want more information.

Code4Lib 2017
Monday, March 6
1:30–4:30 p.m. 

Los Angeles, California
Presentation: “Curation, Collaboration, and Coding—The Secret Sauce for Scholarship Support
Presenters: Cynthia Hudson-Vitale and Megan Potterbusch

LibTech 2017
Thursday, March 16
10:30–11:30 a.m. 

St. Paul, Minnesota
Presentation: “Increase Discovery of Your Institution’s Research through SHARE
Presenter: Kelly Thompson

ACRL 2017
Friday, March 24
9:30–10:30 a.m. 

Baltimore, Maryland
Poster: “Mind the Gap: Curating Digital Commons Metadata for SHARE
Presenters: Lisa Palmer, Joanne Paterson, Wendy Robertson, and Emily Stenberg
Poster: “Integrating Digital Stewardship into the Scholarly Workflow
Presenter: Megan Potterbusch

LDCX 2017
Monday–Wednesday, March 27–29
Palo Alto, California
Participating: Rick Johnson

CNI Spring 2017 Membership Meeting
Monday–Tuesday, April 3–4
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Project briefing: “Institutional Analytics Dashboards with SHARE: The UC San Diego Experience”
Presenters: Declan Fleming and Jeffrey Spies

Learn More about SHARE

There is a wealth of resources to help you better comprehend and communicate the ins and outs of SHARE as we build a free, open, data set about research and scholarly activities across their life cycle:

  • Flyer about SHARE—to help you spread the word about the SHARE 2.0 discovery interface, the growing SHARE data set, and the opportunity to register as a metadata provider. Please reproduce and distribute this flyer on your campus or at meetings you attend.
  • Video interview about SHARELibrary Journal‘s Open Access in Action series interviewed Judy Ruttenberg in spring 2016 about the evolution of SHARE, including the initiative’s origins, developmental successes and challenges, and how SHARE fits into the global open access movement.
  • EDUCAUSE Review article on SHARE—Tyler Walters and Judy Ruttenberg describe SHARE’s first project, SHARE Notify, as well as the other three layers of SHARE that are being developed in tandem with the notification service: a distributed content and registry layer, a discovery layer, and a content-aggregation layer that moves beyond curation and discovery to facilitate data and text mining.
  • SHARE on the Open Science Framework—Technical developments pertaining to SHARE are discussed and tracked in real time on the Open Science Framework. The SHARE Open Science Framework site includes a list of active notification sources and consumers, as well as information regarding prototypes, APIs, and other key issues. The site is open and welcomes public input.


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