Megan Potterbusch Writes about Open Science Framework on Library of Congress Signal Blog

Megan Potterbusch

The Library of Congress recently published a guest post on The Signal blog by Megan Potterbusch, ARL’s National Digital Stewardship resident: “Open Science Framework: Meeting Researchers Where They Are.”

In the blog post, Potterbusch describes how the Open Science Framework, a free product of the Center for Open Science, facilitates the movement toward open science by giving researchers a platform that supports the whole life cycle of their work, from data collection and analysis to preservation and long-term access. Potterbusch notes, “Open science functions as a way to increase scientific transparency and the integrity of research. When done well, this increased transparency improves the research process and builds trust in the results.”

Read Potterbusch’s February 28, 2017, post on The Signal blog, “Open Science Framework: Meeting Researchers Where They Are.”