ARL Supports COS ASAPbio Proposal for Life Sciences Preprints Commons

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The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) provided a letter of support for the Center for Open Science (COS) response to ASAPbio’s Request for Application to build a central service for preprints in the life sciences. Building on the work COS has done with several branded preprint services running on the Open Science Framework (OSF) and powered by the SHARE aggregator, COS proposes to build a Preprints Commons to accelerate open workflow and rapid release of research results in the life sciences and other disciplines.

Noting ARL’s partnership with COS on SHARE, in the Association’s letter, ARL executive director Elliott Shore wrote, “The Association has watched the emergence of new preprint services over the past year with great enthusiasm, and views the development of the Preprint Commons as the kind of essential, public goods infrastructure that will advance open scholarship across all disciplines, not just the life sciences. The recent launch of OSF Preprints and its branded services in sociology, psychology, and engineering (among others) has already engaged and inspired members of the library community who provide consultation and advocacy to research faculty on open scholarship practices.”

Emphasizing a community-based approach, COS was pleased to receive additional letters of support for the proposal from 12 preprint services, 15 biomedical-relevant repositories, and 4 science organizations.

Read COS co-founder and executive director Brian Nosek‘s April 30 post about the proposal on the COS blog, “Building a Central Service for Preprints.”