ARL Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence—Call for Applications by July 13

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is accepting applications through July 13 for the 2017–2018 Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence, a program designed to introduce undergraduates from historically underrepresented ethnic and racial groups at ARL member institutions to the library and information science discipline. The program offers a paid internship with a focus on digital stewardship in a partner ARL library or archive, participation in the annual ARL Leadership Symposium, formal mentorship, financial support for student membership in a professional organization, and attendance at a capstone institute. Participants will develop leadership skills and will train in diversity, equity, and social justice topics.

The SHARE team encourages ARL libraries and archives to work with student applicants on designing an internship working on SHARE as an open source, open data initiative about scholarship. ARL’s partner on SHARE, the Center for Open Science, has extensive experience working with paid student interns, and chooses open source technologies with inclusivity and diversity in mind—taking into account modularity (for ease of entry) and the extent to which the particular software community is a supportive one.

Building a usable, open database of scholarship (SHARE) on an open platform means opening up the kinds of questions we can ask of our scholarship and our institutions. Right now, the most interesting research on contributions to various scholarly domains, networks of collaboration, and mentorship through the lens of diversity and inclusion can only be done by licensing proprietary sources of metadata or publications. SHARE is changing that, and students could further this work through the Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence.

The Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), which has also been a generous funder of SHARE.