SHARE Reviewing Technical Architecture, Pausing New Harvester Development

The SHARE team is currently postponing the development of most harvesters for new metadata providers to SHARE in order to undergo a thorough review of SHARE’s technical architecture. The review will inform development of the next iteration of SHARE’s application programming interface (API), which will include accessible tools and services to interact with SHARE data, as well as improved documentation around SHARE’s schema and data dictionary to enable more seamless mapping of new metadata sources to SHARE. The SHARE team will conduct the review in consultation with the SHARE Stakeholder Committee and will make the review available for public comment in summer 2017.

With the new API, it will be easier to utilize SHARE data and to participate in developing tools using SHARE. The SHARE team also plans to create tools that enable repository managers and other metadata experts to edit records in the SHARE database.  We will work with SHARE data providers if any configuration changes are necessary.

The SHARE team will continue to add metadata providers in support of several stakeholder-supported use cases in active production, including OSF Preprints and the beta research-activity dashboard at UC San Diego. There are other projects under discussion that will affect the addition of new metadata sources as well—we will report on them in future issues of this newsletter.

Please contact if you have any questions, or if you would like to be notified as we improve and disseminate technical documentation during the API-review process.