Who will benefit from SHARE Notify?

SHARE Notify will provide important benefits for many parties within the research and discovery ecosystem, including:

  • Researchers. Researchers struggle to keep all interested parties apprised of their scholarly output, particularly when reporting requirements fall outside their typical workflow. This is especially true for funded research, which often has specific conditions placed upon it by sponsoring agencies and offices for funded research. SHARE Notify will consolidate disparate processes by bringing key stakeholders under a single umbrella. By relying in part on existing procedures and activities (e.g., publishing, posting of materials in repositories and data archives) to trigger notifications, SHARE Notify will reduce the effort required for researchers to notify relevant stakeholders about their activities.
  • Funding Agencies. SHARE Notify will capture a succinct digest of metadata information about sponsored research and alert funding agencies in a timely, comprehensive, and structured manner. By gathering pertinent data in real time at the source of research release events, SHARE will increase both compliance levels and data quality.
  • Universities. SHARE Notify will facilitate efforts by sponsored research offices to optimize the interaction between the researcher and the granting agency. The notification service will encourage an organic link between grant compliance systems and the analytics that universities use for faculty information systems and other purposes. SHARE will enable institutions with open access policies to better facilitate and track participation, the results of which will, in turn, enrich the metadata within the notification service. Additionally, universities that link SHARE Notify to their local repositories will be able to leverage alerts to gain a fuller sense of the institution’s research outputs. This will serve as a helpful step in preserving and serving their institution’s research outputs.
  •  The General Public & Industry. SHARE Notify will increase the utility of scholarly research by making it easier for the public and industry to know who is producing what, and when. SHARE’s adoption of standards and protocols will make it easier for commonly used search engines and third-party services to render this information discoverable and usable. This increased awareness will provide tangible benefits for knowledge workers, patients, practitioners, and other members of the general public.  Additionally, the notification service will make it easier for entrepreneurs and cutting edge research businesses to more easily leverage scientific knowledge to develop new products and technologies.