Does SHARE compete with CHORUS?

No. The Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States (CHORUS) is a publisher-driven offering proposing to help federal agencies comply with the OSTP directive. CHORUS aims to do so by making a version of articles resulting from federally funded research freely available on participating publishers’ websites after an embargo. CHORUS activity is concentrated on compliance with funding agency requirements. While SHARE is also concerned with this issue, we believe that developing a robust repository infrastructure in which a broad array of research release events (not just journal articles) are identified and rendered accessible for reading, mining, and reuse is the best way to accelerate research and discovery.

In some areas—such as identifying publication activity and alerting relevant stakeholders (e.g., funding agencies, offices of sponsored research)—SHARE and CHORUS have a clear alignment of interests. Where such alignment occurs, the two parties will endeavor to interact in a manner that creates efficiencies for those relevant stakeholders.

In other areas—such as the secure archiving of research articles and data in a manner that ensures the widest possible accessibility, mining, and reuse—alignment between CHORUS and SHARE may not be possible. In these instances, SHARE will continue to advocate politely but strongly in favor of solutions that promote openness.