What will SHARE Notify cost researchers? What will it cost research institutions?

While the precise business model for SHARE remains a work in progress, there are no plans to charge individual authors or researchers as either producers or consumers of the research release events captured by SHARE Notify. Nor will campuses bear any financial burden during the development stage of the notification service.

Looking ahead, any ongoing operational costs incurred by research institutions using SHARE Notify are expected to be modest, particularly in relation to the efficiencies the service will provide. The successful deployment of SHARE Notify will improve the utility of, and return on investment for, a range of existing campus systems, including institutional repositories (IR’s) and current research information systems (CRIS’s). By making it easier to track research release events in a timely, structured, and comprehensive manner, SHARE Notify will save time, labor, and expense in the population of these existing systems. In addition, public access mandates from the NIH, OSTP, and other funding bodies will require significant compliance efforts. SHARE Notify will make these activities more efficient to manage.