Are there other SHARE projects in the works?

Yes.  SHARE will move in 2015 to extend the work we have undertaken in the development of SHARE Notify by enhancing the dataset to integrate and consolidate information about research activities. While SHARE Notify generates a “normalized feed” of research release events, this next phase will refine this data to make it easier for stakeholders to track and understand the relationships among these events. In the process, SHARE will simplify how various research outputs and activities – from data management plans to preprints to journal articles to data repository deposits – can be identified as pieces of a single research activity.

In the long term, SHARE will advance workflows, infrastructure solutions, and policies that let key stakeholders know when research release events occur in a timely, structured, and comprehensive manner. It will provide an inventory of what is available within publicly accessible repositories. SHARE will facilitate discovery of, and access to, content across these repositories. SHARE will expose this content so that the community can reuse, mine, and build services on top of the corpus. All of these layers, taken together, give campus-driven research outputs their widest exposure, and ensure that they can be broadly reused.