Who is on the SHARE team?

In addition to the stewardship of The Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the Association of American Universities (AAU), and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), SHARE has developed a Joint Working Group drawing representation from libraries, higher education administration, sponsored research offices, faculty, institutional and disciplinary repositories, IT and technical development units, research funders, publishers, data repositories, and other stakeholders.  The Joint Working Group, which meets monthly, provides tactical and strategic input pertaining to the development of SHARE Notify and other SHARE initiatives.  Task Groups, drawing from Joint Working Group membership and other stakeholders, provide time-bound and specific input on discrete issues.

The day-to-day SHARE operations are overseen by SHARE’s founding director Tyler Walters (Virginia Tech Dean of Libraries), assisted by ARL’s Judy Ruttenberg, ARL Visiting Program Officers Cynthia Hudson-Vitale and Rick Johnson, and Jeff Spies, COS.

SHARE’s technology partner is the Center for Open Science (COS), a non-profit technology startup based in Charlottesville, VA. COS’s mission, to bring research practices in greater alignment with research values (of openness, sharing, and transparency) is a perfect fit for SHARE. COS develops tools and incentives for researchers, groups, and journals to practice greater openness and promote reproducibility. COS builds tools for enabling openness, provides training for enacting openness, and shifts incentives for embracing openness. COS’s tools can provide value for anyone’s scholarly workflow, and reduce the practical and technical barriers to sharing research products.