What is SHARE building?

SHARE’s first project is SHARE Notify.  It notifies interested stakeholders when research release events occur, including the publication of articles and the dissemination of research data. SHARE Notify will distribute these notifications, in the form of a concise set of …continue reading.

Who will benefit from SHARE Notify?

SHARE Notify will provide important benefits for many parties within the research and discovery ecosystem, including: Researchers. Researchers struggle to keep all interested parties apprised of their scholarly output, particularly when reporting requirements fall outside their typical workflow. This is especially …continue reading.

What problem is SHARE Notify attempting to solve?

Funding agencies, sponsored research offices at universities, institutional and disciplinary repositories, and other interested parties have found it difficult to keep abreast of the release of publications, datasets, and other results of scholarly research. Across the disciplines, principal investigators and …continue reading.

Does SHARE Notify harvest full text?

No. SHARE Notify processes only the fundamental metadata necessary to identify and process research release events. While the precise specifications are presently under development, this concise data packet will likely include author information, grant number, DOI, and funding agency ID.

Can SHARE information be mined?

Yes. The development of SHARE Notify includes an open API so that the entire corpus of research release event data can be freely mined.